Thursday, January 15, 2009

B.Y.O.B - System of a Down

BYOB is a song that was done by System of a Down that is a song about war and how it has been in a way made to seem not bad as it was back in old days. Lyrics/Video
This song can be interpeted as a way of how lightly people take war and how down played it has become. For example when the lyrics go,"Marching forward hypocritic And hypnotic computers.You depend on our protection,Yet you feed us lies from the table cloth."
Then it goes, "everybody's going to the party to have a good time dancing in the desert the desert blowing up the sunshine" which is saying that while everyone is having a good time there are people that are being trained to obey every order and that no one cares about it yet they depend on them. Then it says "why don't presidents fight the war why do we always send the poor?" this show that how presedents all they do is start the war and rid them-selves of any dirty work. Overall this is a very good song.

Caucasia After Thought

After finishing reading caucasia I thought alright this book was really bad. This only really made me take the view of someone who is half black and half white not just mostly black or mostly white. which makes it really tough to learn about racial things because its physically impossible for me a white person to expierence being half white and half black. Even there was a white person who was kind of a main character. That character was potrayed a stereo typical crazy white woman who is paranoid about everything yet this book is trying to teach me about racism and stereo types of others. So it was just a terrible book and left me going "okay and your point is what exaclty?"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Just Want You

I Just Want You - Ozzy Osbourne

This song is a very soft song comparing it to what else I listen to but it is still good maybe one of the best by Ozzy. Through the majority it goes like

There are no unlockable doors
There are no unwinable wars
There are no unrightable wrongs
Or unsignable songs

There are no unbeatable odds
There are no believable gods
There are no unnameable names
Shall I say it again, yeah

This song is like a big inspirational speech because he says there are no unwinible wars which is true because you can change the tide of battle with just one event. When he says "there are no believievable gods" this is very true because all of the gods that people believe in there is no prove that they could do the things that they said even though they existed as a real person because after all the only history we learn is what the historian choose to put in the books. This song just counters everything that some people believe so blindly and just accept it without question.


Toxicity is a song by System of a down when Serj Tankin was still in their band.

This song is talking about how just chaotic and confused as a society we have become. This becomes clear when he starts saying "Conversion, software version 7.0" mean that we are upgrading to what is needed in order to keep up with the times. The song also says that we have become people who have become obsessed with being skinny by saying the "Eating seeds as a pastime activity". That points out that there is now a sense of people not eating just to be beautiful. Then he goes on saying that people want to own the own world but then say why would you want to own disorder. He says Sacred Silence in this song not just silence because he wants to make clear that it so hard to get silence in this day and age and sometimes that's what some people need but it's just so hard to obtain and the only time you get it is in your sleep. But this song overall is just about the Toxicity or corruption on people just by time moving by.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Censorship is a bunch of bull because when the censor they don't do the censoring that's needed the go censor happy. Just look at t.v. now compared a decade ago when this started happening. Now there is no more Tom & Jerry which was a great show with all those great action packed scenes. so censor is crock and should be toned down

Thursday, November 20, 2008


The book metamorphosis was about a metamorphosis of a guy who changes into a big beetle and becomes an out cast from his family that's the short hand of it. I think that the metamorphosis had an underlying meaning to it. I think it was a metaphor for the changes people go through life because when he starts to change only the sister tries to help him and his other family kinda shuns him and labels him as an outcast. In the end he ends up dieing and the family moves on very fast either it was pure denial or that they found a little bit of freedom and it was a good thing that he did because he helped his family maybe more then he did when he was alive.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Red Flag

Red Flag by Billy Talent
this song seems to be based on the how society and school puts immense pressure on kids because in the Music Video it starts out with kids chanting "we want out!" and then shows as the song starts gets breaking through handcuffed school doors. This could mean a couple of things that either kids should start a rebellion or that school is meant nothing more but just to keep the kids busy which school was basically a day care service back in the day. Then the bands chorus goes

Cast off the crutch that kills the pain
The Red Flag waving never meant the same
The kids of tomorrow don't need today
When they live in the sins of yesterday

This mean that throw away the the thing that keeps you from being in pain not totally but enough so that you aren't sheltered your entire life from the real world. Which leads up to the next line in saying clearly that the bloody flag under which countries were founded is not getting the respect it deserves and that people no longer understand what their flag mean. Then it goes on to say, "The kids of tomorrow don't need today when they live in the sins of yesterday" and by kids of tomorrow they mean the next generation and that they are living in the bad choices that we as a whole made and that we are deciding the future of the next gen. Then the next verse goes

Well I've never seen us act like this
Our only hope is the minds of kids
And they'll show us a thing or two

This verse pretty much explains itself in that we are acting ridiculous and that we dug our selves a big hole that we can't escape from ourselves and that the only people that can save us the the kids of tomorrow. Then the song goes on saying

Our only weapons are the guns of youth
It's only time before they tighten the noose
Then the hunt will be on for you

This verse says that our only weapon that we truly own is the next gen and that if the next gen doesn't fight then who will but then i think that the next 2 lines mean that we strangle hold the next generation in doing what we want and that we hunt for them and make them do our bidding so we don't have to get our hands dirty.

The Red Flag waving never meant the same
The Red Flag waving never meant the same

Just re iterating that the bloody flags don't mean the same obviously and then the song repeats its corus two more times. Then they move into similies (i think thats what they are not sure though) which are talking to the next generation and the next two verses are talking directly to the next generation the are

Like the smallest bee packs a sting
Like a pawn checkmates a King
We'll attack at the crack of dawn

Build a ladder if there's a wall
Don't be afraid to slip and fall
Speak for yourself or they'll speak for you

First two line of the first verse is saying even though you may be small and insignificant you can still do great things and that don't wait until you want to do it do it when you can get the others by surprise. Then the next verse goes on saying that if you have and obstacle in your way don't just say, "oh well looks like i have to give up now ." figure out a solution to get around it and also don't be afraid to fail. Don't think of it as failing think of it as you finding way of how not to do it. Finally don't let the majority speak for you you have your own individual voice and you should use it.

Like a fire
Don't need water
Like a jury
Needs a liar
Like a riot
Don't need order
Like a Madman
Needs a martyr

These are saying that the only way something can be new is if something of equal value is destroyed to maintain balance in the world. Also that in order for their to be a jury their needs to be some one that lied. Then not all riots are bad for example there was a riot in russia for when communism took over that was deemed bad by us but for them it worked for them. Then all the madmen in the world usually are born from people who die for a cause or martyrs.

We don't need them [x8]

This is a tough one to figure out because is it saying that we don't need what was just mentioned or was it that we don't need people telling what others to do. That is what i got from that song.
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